Hello world!

Why did I call it a Salad Digest..

Just to get you ready…

Expect a lot of random articles covering a lot of different ideas and hopefully somewhat healthy (like a Salad, unless you put on it a lot of cheese and high calorie ranch dressing)

Actually, it is going to be quite hard for me to write a blog for three reasons, I am not a good writer,  I tend to keep my ideas to myself and am generally not good at expressing myself and lastly because I have a somewhat goofy/weird (or lets call it a unique) sense of humor.

In the end I expect this blog to be more like my Journal, just accessible to others.

Salah  Issa


3 responses

  1. i’ll be reading it salah, so keep writing.

  2. Do you remember at all that I used to call you Salad to annoy you?? I was quite shocked by the name lol.. especially since you HATED me calling you Salad for sooooooo long.

    And btw. I couldn’t sleep before I commented on each one of your posts.. just so you know how much I think of you and how much I miss you dearest brother!

    1. I know, it is either that I do not have creativity or my creativity slipped….
      It was the only thing that rhymed with my name. But I got even when I named all my categories after salad stuff…

      And thank you for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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