The Great Wall of Palestine

Palestine means a lot to me, probably because it is an unjust situation that is either ignored or misreported…

Saperation Wall

Saperation Wall

This is a quick ideas post.  Each person who really cares about the Palestinian situation should build a big wall that is as tall as the so called “security barrier” that the isrealies are building. It must look the same and must have the barb wire on top.

One the wall, one should put slogans  such as

“Imagine this wall seperates you from your land/work”

“Imagine if going to work depended on whether a police department said it was okay to”

“How would it feel if this wall blocked you whole city”

etc… I am sure you can figure out better slogans, but the idea here is to raise support for Palestine and give people an idea of what is actually going on in Palestine

Here is a good link about the Saperation Wall


3 responses

  1. good ideas. might cost some money though lol. but at least you’re thinking, i feel like people just kinda grow numb to things. this would definitely prevent that.

    1. Of course it will cost money (hey maybe we can get congress to support it since it is a good way to stimulate the construction business). However, to get yourself heard you need to invest. That is the only way you will get heard in America.

      We could probably start a fund to raise money to start building the walls. I do not know much about construction, but I would expect each wall to cost about $5,000. I do not think money is the biggest issue. The bigger issue is getting permits to build the wall. Maybe in the application we can write that we are building a mural (which is true)

  2. Orrrrrr… you and baba and hatim can go and build them yourselves using the gazillion logs and wood and i don’t know what is in the garage!!! 🙂

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