Fried Rice – Salah Style Part I

A few days ago, I came back home tired and hungry and opened the fridge to find some old rice and salad left in the fridge. I was in no mood for salad, and I was in no mood to defrost meat to prepare some side to go with my rice. Desperate, I dial the emergency button 3, and after several rings my mother picks up. After greeting her, updating her and getting updated, I told mom I need food advice again. After explaining my situation, she told me why not Fried Rice, all you need is rice (check), eggs (check) and some sort of vegetables (have some frozen microwave steamable vegetables; yes I got everything). She then told me just go and get the directions on how to make it from the internet.fried_rice

Most of the websites, told me to use pork (which I do not eat) or some other combination of meat (which I either did not have or want to defrost), others gave me this highly regulated list of vegetables and seasonings, where each ingredient is fried individually before combining together. At this point I am starting to lose hope; all I want is a simple and quick meal, not a 2 hour ordeal. It was at this point of desperation where I found a very useful comment by someone who just combines whatever vegetables she has with a diced onion and fries them with chicken and then once the meat was done she adds the eggs in the middle and mixes it all and then adds 3-4 cups of rice. From this comment and my own cooking limitations I came up with the delicious recipe that I would like to share with you all.


1 bag of Microwave steamable vegetables (green beans, carrots, corn and green peas)

½ of a large onion (or a full small onion)

4 cups of old rice

3 eggs

½ cup of Salah Sauce (made from A1 sauce, Italian dressing and diced and minced garlic)

Salt and Pepper


I took a bag of Microwave steamable vegetables and popped them in the microwave for five minutes and while waiting I diced ½ large onion and fried it in a large frying pan until they were starting to get sautéed.  I then added the steamed vegetables, mixed everything together and fried them for about 2-5 minutes.  While the vegetables were frying I prepared my special Salah Sauce. For the sauce, I took about 2 table spoons of both A1 sauce and Italian seasoning and put them in a ½ cup, added a teaspoon of diced and minced Garlic and  filled the remaining space with water and mixed it well.

Back to our fried vegetables, I made a small opening in the middle and added my three eggs where I slowly mixed with the vegetables. I then immediately added 4 cups of rice (I crumbled the rice as I added it) and mixed everything together, salted and peppered it, mixed it some more, covered it and put it on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

I ended up with a delicious and easy to make meal, so good I could not stop snacking on it even after I ate dinner.

With regards to the Salah Sauce, I used A1 sauce because I wanted to give it a light meat taste and this was the cheapest, most delicious way to do so.

Also, please note that I made the above meal with what I had in my fridge and when it comes to food my motto has always been “Make food with what you have”, I recommend everyone copying this recipe to substitute any ingredient with what they have (except rice and eggs, which are essential if you want to make fried rice). I know personally I will never make this meal again, unless I end up with the same set of ingredients.

Again, for emphasis, use whatever ingredients you have (be creative) and stop wasting gas with all those useless trips to the store!


4 responses

  1. And there is the essence of an Engineer. Always setting forth to explore the world around and invent new things and alternate solutions! It is such mastery in improvisation that allows our human race to prosper and propel its motion into the long tunnel of time. So good job Salah! lol

  2. Morsy,

    Yes except he wasn’t inventing something new, he was merely discovering something for himself for the first time 🙂

  3. I am going to try this today 😀


  4. Efficient(sorry if spelled wrong), and delicious way to reuse rice. No need to order out chinese! Post a recipe on how to make lo mein.

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