Fried Rice – Salah Style Part II

Do you remember the salad I mentioned in the part I blog. Well this salad hit the 0ne week old mark and while it didn’t smell and looked okay, I was a bit wary of eating it. At the same time, I hate throwing away food and this salad did not go bad.

How did I solve this problem? You guessed it Fried Rice. This happened the day after I made my delicious fried rice and I was in the mode to try it again.

Fried Rice2In this case, I still had extra old rice (I had a lot of old rice, due to my Azza’em), I had 1/2 onion left over from the first fried rice experiment and I had my old salad (which was about 4oz of lettuce and 1/2 tomato). I also had a jar of jalapenos and the ingredients for Salah Sauce. I did not have any eggs, which from the internet seemed to be a critical ingredient for fried rice. Before this case, I have never fried or cooked lettuce before and never heard of anyone doing it. For this reason and because I have no eggs, this should have been a no-no scenario.  However, I had leftovers that I wanted to get rid of, and I enjoy nothing more (in terms of cooking) than getting rid of leftovers in creative ways. So here is what I did…


4 oz of salad (lettuce and tomato)

½ of a large onion (or a full small onion)

3 cups of old rice

3 Jalapenos

½ cup of Salah Sauce (made from A1 sauce, Italian dressing and diced and minced garlic)

Salt and Pepper


I diced ½ large onion and fried it in a large frying pan until they were starting to get sautéed.  I then threw in my salad, mixed everything together and fried them for about 2-5 minutes (with a very skeptical mindset).  While the vegetables were frying I diced my 3 Jalapenos and added it the mixture and I then prepared my special Salah Sauce. Just as in the first part. I took about 2 table spoons of both A1 sauce and Italian seasoning and put them in a ½ cup and then added a teaspoon of diced and minced Garlic, I then filled the remaining space with water and mixed it well.

Back to our fried vegetables, I made a opening in the middle and I added my 3 cups of rice (I crumbled it as I added it) and mixed everything together, salted and peppered it, mixed it some more, covered it and put it on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

I placed it on the table and I ended up with a delicious and easy to make meal. It was truly delicious, the spiciness was perfect and I really enjoyed myself. What made it even more delicious was that I was extremely skeptical of frying lettuce and expected that the meal will not taste very good.

In the end, I would like to end this two segment section with a reminder to always utilize your leftovers and what you have in the house to make your meals and not the other way around (plan meals and then see what is missing). For our younger generation, I feel this is a lost tradition especially with how easy it is to go (or send your brother) and buy one more ingredient.

Bon Appetite everyone and please let me know of your creative recipes that take advantage of what you have in your house and your leftovers.


2 responses

  1. Mmmm, sounds delicious. Too bad I don’t have old rice. 😦

  2. Looks delicious! When you make it the next time, just let me know.

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