My Sister’s Poem

I really liked this poem by my sister. She is still in Highschool and she wrote about her experience in changing schools.


Salah Issa


In this little prose, I’d like to divulge this secret,

At the near end of 8th grade I was rather docile,

and did not participate in much banter,

I suffered from being overly gauche,

and endured daily ignominy,

Those around me tended to act jaundiced towards me,

So I begged till I cried to go to my old school,

The result I found there did not please me,

They always tried to abet me to do the things I hated,

and if I didn’t comply to their requests their treatment of disrespect,

was worse than being castigated by my mother,

They encouraged, and convinced each other that having some libations,

was just natural and expected,

Their dogmatic ways often made me feel quite extraneous,

They acted like they were very open-minded,

because the people in the school were so motley,

I knew what I had to do, I knew this was not where I belonged,

I knew if I stayed I would become emaciated and I’d just be one of them,

And I was already changing, my gregarious ways became rather insipid,

All my experiences and all my memories from those two years will stay with me,

Those two years have gifted me with the courage to walk down the halls of any school,

They have gifted me with the ability of making true and great friends,

Lastly, they have gifted me with the ability to understanding others and why they do things they do


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  1. Oh come ON people! Leave a comment!

    1. lol, Ayah great poem 🙂

    2. If it would make you feel better, your poem was the third most popular (most views) post for last month

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