Should We Abolish Congress

 Yes, it sounds very controversial and very radical.  Regardless of your opinion it is a fair question to ask. The concept of representation and the republic came about due to the fact that people could not voice their opinions directly (for example not everyone could go to Washington, DC). In this day and age people can represent themselves directly and easily by utilizing computers and internet. This process can even be streamlined and real-time based (instead of voting once every 2 years).

 Switzerland actually applies the concept of people directly voting for laws by allowing people to vote directly on referendums for policies four times a year.

 This two parts to this discussion, do we trust congress to represent us and do we trust people and should they vote equally. Amid all the issues with the bailouts, healthcare and so on, do we really still believe that congress represents the people. For example the Audit the Fed bill, has the support of more than 3/4 of the American citizens, yet it is still being debated, changed and ignored in congress. Wouldn’t it be better if people are allowed to vote directly on each policy? Something tells me that a lot of bills that got passed the last of few years would never have been considered. There is another side to argue this and that is the representatives know the state of the country more than us and are more educated on this subject and thus better able to vote on this issue than a regular citizen. However, as you think about it do not forget to consider that lobbyist and money where the teachers for most representatives.

 The second question we should be considering is if people voted directly, should they all have the same vote. Or should more responsible/knowledgeable people have more voting rights than the rest? If you were in the hospital due to a serious but unknown disease, would you like to have the best doctors around analyze your conditions and give a prognosis or would you like for every person on that floor to give an opinion on your disease and then vote for what they expect it is. This is a sharp contrast compared to voting on issues, but I raise this question because we have always been taught that everyone gets equal votes and does this scenario always hold?

 So please comment and vote, should we abolish congress or limit its control and let people vote directly for laws? I hope to start a lively discussion on this hypothetical scenario.


I do not believe we should abolish or remove congress. However, I want to lead a debate on the status quo especially on our systems and structures for government,education and economy.

Too many times we follow the status quo without realizing that sometimes it is hurting ourselves, our communities and our nation.


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