Remembering Gaza

It is two AM in the morning and while posting this article now means it will be filled with mistakes,  I cannot forget my terrible walk home in the freezing conditions. I write this letter to the citizens in Gaza with the hope that I and others will not forget their suffering and that somehow we can all help assuage their suffering.

To My Dear Brothers in Gaza

Today we had a winter storm in Indiana, USA. It got so cold that my bike, which is my primary form of transportation, froze to the ground and the lock froze as well. This meant that instead of riding for 5min to reach my apartment, I had to walk for about 20 minutes in freezing weather. As I slowly walked home, I felt as if limb by limb slowly froze and the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that once I reached home I will have a nice cozy warm apartment to welcome me. It was then as I was thinking of my apartment that I remembered your plight. Winter will soon be reaching Gaza (if not already) and while I have a warm home to go to during these freezing nights. Many Gaza citizens will have nothing but tents, rubble, or homes pocketed with so many holes that they serve no better protection than sleeping under the stars.

I know that I have never experienced what you have to survive on a daily basis. Nor will I even be able to contemplate what you all have gone through. I make sincere du’aa to Allah that may you all be rewarded in heavens so much for what you have gone through that you will feel that all the suffering you went through was pitiful or insignificant.

I try to remember you in my prayers and thoughts. I try to inform my friends, colleagues, advisers and teachers of your suffering. However, I know that I am not doing enough and I feel so helpless and unsure of how I can help you attain your rights given to you by God for freedom, security, love, hope and future. In the same sense, I know that everything is up to God and that he has not forsaken you and I just wish I could make a difference.


Your Muslim Brother in America


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