How Many Faces Can You See?

I used to love to open my parents closet doors. On each door there was a full blown from and I used to set them opposite to each other and peek at one mirror to see how many reflections can I see. I would then try to play with the mirror orientation to maximize the number of reflections. Another fascinating subject was the study of a triangle and as you zoom into the peak it would split into three distinct triangles, and as you zoom into on of those peaks it will split into three triangles and so on. This is called fractal triangle.

Well, here is my own introduction (but it probably already exists somewhere). By considering faces as eyes, I tried to do a somewhat infinite drawing where the face of one becomes the eye of another. Look at the cartoon and at first pass, how many faces do you see? know look carefully and tell me what the maximum number of faces that you can see? Can you count all the faces?

psst…  if you are wondering why the biggest face is not circular, think of it as abstract painting with deep meaning of the effects of care and responsibilities on the largest guy because he (in some abstract sense) takes care of all smaller faces/eyes. Or realize that it was due to MS paint limitations 🙂


10 responses

  1. Salah when you left to study Engineering I never knew you’d come back an artist….That picture is simply a photoshopper’s masterpiece (some sarcasm intended)

    Or wait, you still didn’t even come back yet…so maybe this whole statement doesn’t make sense….

    Sometimes life makes you wonder….

    1. It is interesting that you initially saw three, but there are much more than 51, though you will not be able to see them all and you are pretty close to the number you can actually see without zooming in ( you probably cannot zoom in, since it will crunch the image and some faces might be lost)

  2. 111? Nice to know that Ayah always has something to say

    1. Wow, you are right, I did put 127 faces…. I wonder how you found out 🙂

      1. I ALWAYS DID THAT… that mirror thing! It was awesome, I used sit there forever.. I never saw you there though . lol.

      2. hmm, and I never saw you, I guess we used to go in shifts 🙂

  3. 56?? Did you count how many you can see without zooming in?

    1. With zooming in you should see 127

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