Power of Understanding

A couple of days ago I was sitting with a group of Muslims in the Masjid. As we were talking a Malaysian brother comes up to us and in broken Arabic converses with us. He told us that he is extremely happy because today he walked all over campus and spoke with different groups of people and everyone understood him. It took him a while to express this thought but then he asked us if we ever experienced that experience before.  That took me for a surprise; I never thought about that before. I have always taken it for granted that as an Arab and English speaker I could speak with about 1/5 (I am guess-estimating here) of the world’s population. I have never really experienced living in a country where you can’t understand the people and worse they cannot understand you. It is amazing how much we take for granted, to such a degree that most items never even cross our minds. The capacity and ability to understand others and be understood is another thing that we take for granted. It a miracle from God and no wonder that brother was so happy that people can know understand him. It was amazing how happy it made our brother that other people can now understand him. As the old proverb says “Money cannot buy happiness”, in the end, Allah grants happiness to whoever he wishes.

I will end with a short prayer.

Oh Allah, all praise is due to you, you are our provider and the one who gave us so much that we take for granted. Oh Allah, bless us and forgive us for misdeeds and neglect. Oh Allah, grant us the ability to experience the cause that made our brother happy and may we all learn how to understand each other at all levels of language.



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