Lost in Thought

I have so many ideas I want to discuss and they are all jumping around my brain, yet I don’t have the words or time (in some cases) to express them.

I want to talk about the latest attack on Islam “Muslims follow a violent God” and discuss how untrue that is by using the examples of my family, friends and I. I want to discuss the the beauty of biochemistry and how I see the signs of God each time I study it. I want to analyze insurance for cars, housing and medical as I believe they provide very little benefit to the consumer if any at all. After that I would love to discuss our fears of terrorists infiltrating our lands and many other topics that come to mind.

This list goes on and on, and so does life. I justed wanted to tell you that I am here, busy, focused, distracted and I will continue writing in the blog…. even if no words come to me.


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