I wrote this about a month ago, but for some reason never published it… well here it is and I guess I am back 🙂


Yesterday, I broke my unofficial tradition of watching one movie in the

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

theatre per year and watched my second movie this year; it was well worth it. The movie I watched was Karate Kid and it was about a 12 year old that moves to China with his mother. In China he gets bullied by kids trained in Kung-fu and responds by learning how to fight and succeeds by sheer determination and resolve. While, I was not happy with the subniminal message of boy/girl friend, kissing and some of the dancing, the main message of the movie that a person with determination and a resolve to succeed will succeed shined through.

Determination, determination and determination. I kept circling this word in my head the whole trip home and by the time I arrived home the tiny blaze burst into a flaming fire. As the flames swept through my head I could see my small ups and down, one of the failures of today’s Muslim Ummah and the greatness of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

I could feel the determination of the prophet as he and the believers suffered through 13 years of verbal and physical abuse, his capacity to rise up from defeat at Uhad and prepare an army the next day to protect Islam and Madinah from its enemies. I could see his resolve as he faced 10,000 disbelievers across the trench with nothing to eat for days. Even though he was outnumbered 4 to 1 and the city barely had any provisions to last a long siege, he remained patient and unflinching to his enemies until God gave him and the Muslims a victory. Trying to comprehend the determination and resolve our prophet had to spread the true religion is unfathomable and no wonder empires crumbled and Muslims spread to establish one of largest nations on earth.

Determination it turns out is one of the main keys to succeed in life. Many of you will take this moment to say ‘duh’ and its true that this concept is ingrained in human psyche. Yet it is a whole different matter of taking what is ingrained in each of us and put it in the forefront and start practicing it.

Having a constant and strong determination/resolve, is sometimes something that I do struggle with a lot. It so much easier to sit on the sidelines and just watch life go by and to some degree this is what I have been doing for the last few month/ years. By writing about this subject, I hope to bring it to the forefront of my brain and slowly but constantly build my resolve and determination to succeed in school, family, community and religion. I put religion last not because it is the least important, but because it encompasses all the previous categories. In the end, I hope to reach my target, Janatull Firduas.


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