Before I start, I would like to send my condolences to the family of my great Uncle; I have never had the chance to meet him, yet I have always heard great things about him. He was a man that always placed the family first. My God rest his soul. Second, I would like to congragulate my sister on her beautiful daughter, Raghad, pictures will be posted.

It funny, one can see how I am managing my time based on the time span between two posts.

Well, this not a blog article but more of an update of the last month and all the different things that I wanted to talk about but can no longer write them since the thoughts are all scrambled now.

1) Pasta conquered? Definitely. After that first successful event, I made pasta with white sauce (I made the sauce just how my mom makes gravy for the biscuits& gravy for breakfast; fry flour and slowly mix it with milk) and tuna; delicious. I then made pasta with yogurt, where I fried (or boiled?) the yogurt and then added it to the pasta, another success. It turned out to be delicious, but ironically the process made me realize how they make Mansuf. I then made 3 pounds of pasta for a major dinner, and it was all gone (sadly I did not get to taste it, but I did take pictures 🙂

2) Yearning to God is hard but well worth the effort. I failed my Ramadan objective, yet I succeeded in gaining one of the nights.

3) Life is so confusing and contradictory. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world, others I just want to lay down and just watch the world. Some days I want to lead my community, others I just want to lay in bed and be a distant observer. [This is all figurative examples of how I feel]

4) Marriage, I decided I will love my wife tremendously just because she picked me :); Whenever that day comes

5) Wrestling is a lot of fun and I happy to have found a wrestling partner. Sadly, I shocked another person in the process.

6) Imam Abdulmalik: It was amazing having him here with us for three days in a row. He made a difference in our community, I am so happy that he agreed to come. As a community we need to do everything we can to support his Islam on Capital hill campaign (www.islamoncapitalhill.com) by spreading the word, sponsoring him and attending the jumaa prayer in Washington, DC to make a statement.

7) Influences…. I few years ago I like most youth felt as though I was a separate entity from my parents and that I was creating my own path without influence of my parents. Now I know that whether you deny it or not, 85-95% of your actions (everyday actions), thoughts and ideas originate from your parents. It does not matter what field you pick, what path you take or what religion you choose. Parents have tremendous influence upon you.  For that I would like to sincerely thank my parents for raising me and taking care of me and giving me all the tools I need to succeed in the world and the next. In the same instance, I wonder is babysitting worth the risk of your child getting influenced by others?

I have now removed all of these ramblings from my head and can now go ahead and write an coherent article next week. God willing of course


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