A Poem about Susan

If you expect poems to be all about prose and hidden meaning
This is not for you, you might as well keep dreaming

I want you to know that it was Allah that created fun and laughter in this world
But that does not give you license to party and celebrate till you are wrinkled and old
We all know that Jack worked all day and became dull
But did you know that Jane laughed all day and became null

She finally understood the truth and to the Masjid she ran
And hear me carefully as I tell you the story of Susan
It was a dreary cold night when she converted to Islam
Everyone told the Imam you’re the man

Her love of islam was so deep, that she could not even hide
What should I do, what should I do, how should I please Allah she cried
They told her O’Susan pray you daily prayers, read Quran
Fast every Ramadan.
Give charity and maintain your honesty.
And never jeopardize your modesty

she did all that she was told, but much much more she needed.
what should I do, what should I do, how should I please Allah she pleaded
So they told her O’Susan cover up and wear the niqab
Read and memorize the Quran in Arabic, our Kitab
Pray during the night and do not waste your time playing ball
She did all she was told and suddenly she was struggling to stand tall.

Praying all night made her tired , her Niqab made her drowsy
Her friends stayed away and now she was lonely.
Her friends were neglected, her parents were forgotten
Her grades were suffering and her heart felt broken.
Where are you O’Allah, I did all this for you, yet I feel further away
I am suffering, struggling and suffocating, please show me the way

In comes this sister wearing the tightest denims
Oh and before we forget her name was Anum
O’Susan Islam is not about wearing the niqab or praying or fasting
It all about what is in your heart. If you love Allah, you might as well go dancing
Allah would never have wanted us to struggle, did not the prophet say the religion is of ease and not hardship.
And so went the niqab, hijab, modesty, prayers, fasting and Quran and in came Anum friendship

Oh how liberated Susan felt and she must be so loved by Allah
The guys were staring and whistling, clearly this was a gift from Allah
As long as she limited her interactions with men
Then there was no harm, but then came ben.
He questioned her religion, faith and belief
Until she wanted to die, just to give her relief
Where are you O’Allah, I loved you with all my heart, yet I feel further away
I am suffering, struggling and suffocating, please show me the way

The story goes on and on
For Susan lived to be ninety nine

But this is not the story of Susan; it is the story of Ahmad and Bayan
Or even Casper, Denise and Eman
Some might say it’s about Fazel, George, Haris, and In’am
And don’t forget Jake and Katie, Lamees, Muna and Na’em
I could keep going down the alphabet all the way to Ziyad.
But I hope you got the hint that this is for everyone including your dad

Islam is a religion of balance between your body, mind and soul.
With imbalance making your heart turn into coal
It a religion of rights and responsibilities, towards your God, parents, yourself, family and community
For the hereafter it does not give us any immunity
It when we lose this balance that we start to run into trouble
Sadly we do not realize until we are pushed out of the bubble

In terms of advice I will leave you none,
Except to turn to the only one


4 responses

  1. Thanks so much for writing this. MashAllah.

    1. Your welcome Nabeel, I hope you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

  2. JazakAllah…this conveys such an important lesson, but in a kind of playful way 🙂

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