To Choose or not to choose

  Once upon a time I thought the idea of establishing a nation was gaining the freedom of choice, the freedom to determine your own future, but it seems like I am just living in a fairy tale.

Below is a snippet from an actual converstation between Livni (former Prime Minister of Israel) and Erekat (Chief PLO negotiator). Please share with me what you think, let just say I am in shock!!


Erekat: Do I have a choice of who to place on my territory?

Livni: No.

Erekat: I have a conceptual framework – short of your jet fighters in my sky and your army on my territory, can I choose where I secure external defence?

Livni: No. In order to create your state you have to agree in advance with Israel – you choose not to have the right of choice afterwards. These are the basic pillars.


 I am not going to even comment on it, it is just too self evident. This conversation was obtained from Al-Jazeera English from the following article  where you strongly urge you to go and read the article to see how these negotiations are really taking place !!!


2 responses

  1. Thats so short, and so filled with info, I don’t even know what to think. But once I digest this info, and concept. I’ll come back and comment again.

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