Spring is Finally Here !!!

Yes, I know it been here for 11 days. To me however, today is the first day of spring. Why? Because I said so…. Well okay, becuase today was the first day I could go about and change the appearance of my blog to match this wonderful new season we entered in.

Come on in and let your eyes feast on the content. You have more than 40 blogs to read, quotes to think about and polls to vote for.  If you get bored then just wait till next Wednesday and I will have a new blog up and ready for your enjoyment.

When someone thinks of spring they usually think of flowers blooming, trees greening and beautiful green grass all around us. We usually forget to look at where these plants are all coming from. Yes from sweet smelling, simple in appearance yet complex in function soil. So in honor of soil, let me share with you a three amazing facts about it (plus it helps that I am taking a course in it 🙂

1) ” One kiogram of uncontaminated soil serves as habitat for up to 10 trillion bacteria, 10 billion actinomycetes, and one billion fungi” (Sposito) and you thought earth was crowded with humans

2) By volume 97% of soil is actually Oxygen atoms

3) Soil and Biota release 100 Giga Tons of Carbon Dioxide every year, this is compared to only 5.4 Giga Tons released by burning fossil fuels.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you next Wednesday


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