My last blog post…

I know it hard to fathom that this could be my last blog. I shake my head in disillusion, no way, I have so many ideas and words to share with the world; how can it be my last blog?  They generally say that when you are at the end of your life you can see your whole life in front of you and this is no exception to the rule. It been slightly more than twenty month since I started blogging, yet it feels as if it was only yesterday when I wrote Hello World that ushered my words into the internet. I remember the day walking back from Fajr prayer when I tried to following the lane line on the bike path. Every time I looked up I ended up straying from the line. That led to my first inspirational blog The Straight Path, a blog post that remains one of my favorites ever.  Another of my favorite is my Determination blog.  I wrote it after watching Karate Kid and I spent the whole trip back in the car wondering about what it means to have determination. Like all wonderings of mine, it led me to our great Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings be upon him. Suddenly I could see him in a new light and better understand the challenges that he faced.

Well enough mumbling about the past, I am just happy to say that in this period I was able to write 45 blogs (well technically 43, plus two guest articles). This amounts to a total of 60 pages of blogging and over 26,000 words. Wow who would have imagined that I would have written so much (well for me) and even caused someone somewhere somehow laughed.

Salah, Salah why are you leaving the blogging sphere. Yeah I am wondering the same thing and then I look left and right to my dear blogging friends and find out that after momentous occasions such as getting a baby or marriage they left the blogging sphere to dust. So in full anticipation of my wedding night and the blessings and dreams to come afterwards I declare that this is my last blog.

Before I would leave I would like to sincerely thank my old friend of mine who inspired me to start blogging. A tip to the hat for Ahmad and your blog for the inspiration you provided me. It saddens me that you were one of the first casualties from the blogging sphere. Secondly, I want to thank my family who provided me support by reading every other blog and commenting every once in a while. Finally, I want to thank my two dedicated friends in Indiana and NJ who have probably read every blog I ever published. Thank you, your comments and the constant prodding was amazing.

 Okay let me back track a bit. I am assuming this will be my last blog based on the experience of my other blogging friends. I really do not know if this will be my last blog (but encouraging comments will make me more likely to continue). Who knows, maybe my wife will strongly encourage me to write and you will hear from me in a week. Maybe, after I get back from my honeymoon. Who knows  when, where and how the next article will come. However, just as a precaution I am writing this as a final chapter. Just so my blog is complete and does not stop at a random point.

Also, this is the last blog for the stage of life I am in (the 8th to be exact, I am now entering my ninth stage).  So even if I write next week, it will be from a different stage :).

To leave on a more optimistic point I cannot imagine that I will stop writing, so subscribe to my blog and leave a comment and God willing you will hear from me soon.

Salam Alakium (Peace Be Upon You)



3 responses

  1. Ahh a “Shocking Post” indeed, or so it seems…

    At first though the post is pretty sad to those who first read it. On second thought though, it sounds so very unlikely. In fact even you yourself seem unsure about its certainty as your very conclusion to your allegedly concluding post is quite inconclusive indeed. Saying that you “might” write again…

    I’m going to call it and give you until September. That’s a month for Honeymoon, a month to get used to marriage and a third month for Ramadan on the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if you write stuff before that too!

  2. I (and some of my facebook friends) enjoyed reading your blog posts and it would be sad if you stop blogging. I hope you will come back to the blogging sphere at some point after your honeymoon.

  3. I had created my blog a long time before you, but I never blogged. It was only after you (and my teacher, humorously Ahmad as well, though I’m not sure if its the same one) started to blog, that I was encouraged to as well. Not only that, but I learned so many tips from the way you blogged. You have become a much better writer, and have developed your ideas in a better way since you first began blogging. So many people have blogs, and a lot of them simply post silly and materiallistic thoughts that only help destroy the blogosphere, share your knowledge Salah, people learn from your thoughts. Also, after you die, if someone finds this blog and they need help, and what you wrote helps them, you will get hasant. Please keep it up

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