Welcome Back!!! Mediocrity is the Key

Welcome back!!! I wonder who I am actually welcoming, is it my loyal followers (lol that sounds so wrong to me), or is the general blogging body or am I just welcoming myself. How does one restart blogging, do they start slow and rebuild their brand/name? Do they write banging blogs? Or just meek welcomes. I want to give you a meek welcome, and be on my way for next week blog, but that would not be fair to anyone including me.


Mediocrity is the key to life. Yep, that the answer I know we all were looking for. It is the key to success that is if you plan to be average. And honestly, who really wants to be average. Mind you I am not suggesting being perfect since only Allah is perfect, but how about just above-average. I am sure we can all achieve this if we try hard enough.

When it comes to achieving our goals and vision we generally run
into two problems. The first is time and the second is lack of opportunity. How  many times we spent an hour on the phone complaining about how little time we  have? I know I have done it so many times yet it never occurs to me how silly I  must sound or how superficial my complaints really are. I am so used to the drill of saying no to spending an hour listening to a useful lecture and  instead spend 2 hours watching 5-min youtube clips in quick succession. Do I not see the irony of my own decisions? Truth be told my father said it best, there is no such thing as busy it just how you priorities your hours and your tasks.

The second part of being average is opportunities. We always
complain against them. I was not born in a rich family, I did not have a chance  to go to MIT and so forth. This was a point that I could not argue against until a recent
article published in New York Times that should be a read for everone (linked here)
. Read it….

What are you waiting for; it is a very important read especially if you still consider yourself young….

Now that you have read it, it really raises a great point. Everyone gets a series of good and bad luck or in other words opportunities. It becomes up to us to take the lead on these opportunities and turn them into successes, whether monetary or otherwise, or we end up missing them and complain about our bad luck when the car breaks down. As the article said the extremely successful people were extremely disciplined and took advantage of opportunities (good and bad) and were not afraid to change their plans (as in Bill Gates example of dropping college to establish Microsoft).  The sad truth is each opportunity seems to build on each other, kind of like the GRE. If you answer the first question correctly, you jump in points and you get another harder question and it keeps cycling through questions till it finds your actual potential (for the sake of this article I guess). It makes me wonder about all the opportunities I lost; but hey we can’t look back just forward. In all honestly I really do not care about monetary reward or recognition (I guess Nobel Prize) but I am still far from success based on my definitions.

Okay my fellow friends, let’s hold hands and make a circle around the camp fire and let’s sing. “I do not want to be average”.


2 responses

  1. They changed the GRE, it is no longer like that. The exam questions are linear and always the same now.

    Sorry just had to say it 🙂

    Welcome back!!!

    1. Well, I guess I will soon be joining the not so young catagory

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