We can no longer hear the cries for mercy

We can no longer see those who are suffering

Our hearts are boiling our minds are spinning.

We can only see and hear one thing….


Our Prophet tried to warn us

That Shaitan is playing with us

But it is no use any longer for we can only hear our


Our hearts are snarled in his sticky web

But we no longer try to fight it or try to free ourselves

We cannot even see it since the only thing we see is


We construct an environment in such

If our beloved ignores us it makes us Angry

If he knocks on our doors it makes us Angrier

And if he tries to advice, warn him to beware of our


In itself this feeling never lasts more than a day or two

Unless we feed it

We open up all the boxes of the past, long filled with dust

Immerse our hearts in a material that was never supposed to see day

Until we build a storm, stronger than a hurricane full of


All emotions have the capacity to either benefit or hurt us

Except for one emotion that will destroy its creator and that is


So let us destroy it in our hearts and minds

Before it destroys us


4 responses

  1. Good post mashAllah with a deep message to it. I agree that anger is a very destructive habit, and I think we can expand on this and take negative emotions into account.

    One important thing about anger that the article touches upon is its nature. It is not something that is passive that cannot be changed but it is something that requires ACTIVE work to change.

    Question though: Many problems are attributed to anger in the post. By any chance are you trying to say that all negative emotions stem from anger or that anger is the biggest negative emotion? Or none of those two.

    1. I think Anon321 hit the nail on the head. The point of the article was explain the nature of Anger and where it leads to

  2. […] Anger ( […]

  3. I don’t think there are necessarily any philosophical underpinnings in this post though they can be extrapolated.

    It reads as very spontaneous and should be treated as such.

    Its very powerful and speaks volumes. I like it Mashallah

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