I am expecting a baby boy !!

Yes that is a fact. The question is what am I going to do about it…



I am going to let my family help decide the name, through a competition.

Yep, you heard that right, it will be a competition. Do not believe me, click on the Eastern Conference or Western Conference pages above this post to see I am telling the truth and then come back (by clicking on the blog title) so I can explain the rules.

Western Conference

The western conference is composed of the names selected by my wife and I. Since we live to the west of most family members, we have called this the western conference. In this conference, both parents will be given 32 votes during round 1 that they can distribute to any of the names they want and in any amount.  There is no maximum amount of votes they can put in a match, but there is a minimum of one vote.

Last but not least, for every match the parents will invite 2-4 other to participate in the voting (they only get one vote each).

In our first week it was Jubair vs Az Zubair and we invited our parents to participate in this first round of voting.

Az Zubair won 5 to 1

Eastern Conference

This conference is based on the names I got from our families both near and far. I split them into three categories, Team Issa (anyone whose name ends in Issa), Team Abdallah (anyone whose name ends in Abdallah) and Team WoTOM (which is a combination of Wooton, Toma, Omari, Mahmoud and Mustafa). I ended up getting a lot more names than expected. So I had to split them into groups until we can reduce them to 16 names (currently 24). To compensate, each week there will be four competitions from four of the eight groups.

Everyone interested is welcome to vote, just look at the right and vote for the weeks competition.

This weeks competition is

Group A: Ziyad vs Ilyas

Vote for Ziyad because all the Ziyads I knew were very nice, professional and successful men.

Vote for Ilyas because it’s very nice and unique. There is also a book “Ilyas and the duck” so you can always read the book to him.


Group C: Hud vs Green Ivy

Vote for Hud because it a great name for a boy and was the first Prophet after the flood (Noah)

Vote for Green Ivy because it is makes more sense than Black Ivy


Group F: Nour vs Amir

Vote for Hasan because it is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grandson and is a nice name

Vote for Amir because I like that name


Group H: Amin vs Hanthalla

Vote for Amin because Aminah and Amin sound very good together

Vote for Hanthalla because that was what Mo chose.


Please make sure to vote, you have until Thursday 8 PM to vote for your favorite name. At this stage, just vote for whatever name sounds better to you. Once we go to the next round I will start sharing more information on each name (based on what my family gave me).


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