Baby Competition – Week 2

Western Conference

The first competitive battle in the western conference.

On team Lama side is Suhaib, coming from Suhaib al Romi. He is a famous companion of the Prophet (PBUH) who spent his whole life traveling seeking knowledge about God.

On team Salah side is Issa, who is one of the greatest Prophets send down by God (Also known as Jesus). Naming the baby this name will give his name an amazing symmetry rarely seen in other names. His initials would be ISFSI, which is beyond cool.

Eastern Conference

The first week is over, during this week Hud got crushed by the underdog Green Ivy (81-17), Amir destroyed author’s favorite Nour (26-8), Ilyas defeated underdog Ziyad (28-7) and Amin handily defeated an easy target Handallah (33-2).

In the second week the top four winners will be facing the next team in their group to try and guarantee their spot in the competition bracket.

Ilyas vs Moussa

Vote for Moussa (Moses) because he was one of the most beloved Prophets to God and was known as the one who spoke to God. Everything he asked for he was granted as if he was God’s favorite (His brother becoming a Prophet, speaking to God, forgiveness, spouse, save the Isrealites, etc).


Green Ivy vs Yosef/Yousef

Vote for Yosef because it is a lovely name and it was originally supposed to be the father’s name.


Amir vs Hasan

Vote for Hasan because it is a nice name and the name of the Prophet’s (PBUH) Grandson


Amin vs Lil Money

Vote for Lil Money so he will always have money. But seriously don’t vote for this name.





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