Baby Competition-Week 3

Western Conference

Congratulations to Suhaib for handily beating Issa (5-1) and moving to the next round. Special thanks to the baby’s uncles (and their spouse) for contributing in this vote. The next competition will be between the names Aws and Tariq.

Eastern Conference

Congratulations to Ilyas, Amir and Amin who have successfully defeated their rivals and have made it into the top 16 bracket.  This means that team WoTOM was able to advance two of their names into the top 16 and team Abdallah was able to advance one team. Team Issa still has not advanced any names into the top 16.

Also, in a highly contested competition, Yosef/Yousef was able to prevail and defeat Green Ivy (17-16). This means that Group C has two teams with one win each. If Hud prevails against Yosef/Yousef it will mean that the group generated a three way tie and the parents will cast the deciding vote on which of the two teams prevail.

There will be five matches this week.

Jibreal vs Asim

Vote for Jibreal because it is a beautiful name

Vote for Asim because the best of the names were those of the sahabah, because they were the best of character

Eunice vs Haroon

Vote for Eunice because it is the name of the prophet and spelled that way it will be spelled correctly and I think it is super important not only to name the kid a good name, but to also be able to pronounce it properly in the country they live in.

Vote for Haroon because it sounds nice and has a very nice story and sounds good in English (Aaron)

…. because  he was the stability of Musa

Fuad vs Humam

Vote for Fuad because it is tradition

…. because  it is cute for the oldest son’s oldest son to be named after the father

….. because it is my brother’s name

Vote for Humam because it is a beautiful name

Ayuub/Ayoob vs Hamza

Vote fpr Ayuub/Ayoob because it a nice sounding soft name that is beautiful and represents a beautiful name

Vote for Hamza because I love this historical figure and he has always meant a lot to me.

Ziyad vs Mousa

Last remaining match in the Group A. Which ever name wins will go into the final 16.



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