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What’s Next for Egypt’s Revolutionaries?


It has been three years since the removal of Mubarak from the presidency yet the situation on the ground in Egypt appears remarkably the same. One of the goals of the revolution was to end the autocratic tendencies of the presidency and usher in a new period of political and economic freedom. Disillusioned with the perceived autocratic tendencies of Dr. Morsi, some of the revolutionaries went to the streets for a second time and with the aid of the Egyptian army successfully removed him. Almost immediately after removing Dr. Morsi, the new interim government began wiping out any resistance to their rule. This began with closing any channels with opposing views and morphed into establishing laws that limit the freedom of the press, vague definitions of terrorism and the banning of unsanctioned protests. Indeed, it has gotten so bad that Ahmed Maher one of the leaders of the April 6 youth movement (one of the main organizations behind the January 2011 protests that toppled Mubarak) got three years in jail just for protesting without a permit. To understand how draconian this rule is, it is important to compare it with Mubarak, who also got three years in jail. However, Mubarak offense was embezzlement of $17 million dollars of state funds.

What went wrong? Why did the first democratic experiment fail so badly that people are rooting for an autocratic leader fully aware that El-Sissi will not fulfill the two of the primary goals (freedom and liberty) of the revolution? To understand this it is important that the revolutionaries realize that the problem is with the system and not with the man on top. Each of the constitutions that were passed recently just rehashed the same system with empty promises of freedom, sharia, and slight modifications to the breakdown of power among the president, parliament and the judiciary. In Egypt, people can vote only for the president and their parliament or local council representatives. Every other important position in the country gets selected. The president either directly or indirectly selects his prime minister, his cabinet, the governors, the mayors, the interior ministry, the local sheriffs and judges. With so much power in the hands of such few people, how can you not expect the system to become autocratic. More importantly such a system breeds corruption. When a local policeman tortures his prisoners, the only recourse people have to address this is the interior minister, who might not be reachable to common folk. In the same way with the local police only having to answer to the interior minister, they have no incentive to respond to the needs and demands of the local people. In other words, no matter which president comes to power, they will be either deemed autocratic or will be autocratic. Moreover, the system works best only with a strongly autocratic leader.

ProtestorsBut this is no excuse or time for revolutionaries to give up now. First, it must be recognized that they have already accomplished one major goal and that is they showed the government that citizens have power and their voices matter. Today the revolutionaries must change tactics to remain a positive force in Egyptian society. They must realize that the solution to truly change the country is by decentralizing political power through decoupling sheriffs, judges, mayors and governors from the president. Instead of protesting against one autocratic president followed by another they need to protest against the unlimited powers of the presidents. They should protest to allow the Egyptian people directly elect their mayors, governors, local sheriffs and local judges. Giving local Egyptians control over their cities and governorates will hopefully bring several positive developments to Egypt. Firstly, it will allow positive political discourse in Egypt and allow a diversity of political opinion to flourish. Some governorates might become Islamist strongholds, other liberal/secular strongholds. This diversity will give Egyptian people the ability to experience what different political ideas such as conservatism, liberalism and socialism actually mean when it comes to governance without creating havoc on the national level. In addition, it allows for political discourse on tangible ideas rather than abstract concepts. It is much easier to make and track a promise to improve the economic conditions of Cairo by reducing traffic gridlock rather than lofty ideals of improving the economy.

Secondly, while local government will not be able to stamp out corruption they will do a better job at controlling it. A sheriff directly responsible to the local people will less likely to allow torture to occur in his police stations. A judge knowing that he will be up for elections will less likely make court decisions based on whim rather than rule of law. Lastly, it will give our youth practical experience in campaigning, politics, holding office and most importantly teach our political leaders the importance of positive political discourse and the importance of compromise to reach the greater good of improving the lives of every Egyptian.

I wish the best to all the revolutionaries out there and remind them that this is only the beginning of the Arab spring and only by working together regardless of political camps/ideals can they change Egypt for the better. I am looking forward to the day when start hearing chants of “We want to elect our governors” in Egyptian streets.


The Egyptian Third Camp

I finally finished and deposited my thesis :), back to writing blogs…
I had a dream today morning that I was in Cairo, Egypt. More specifically I was near the Presidential Palace and the recently formed barricades. I was with a motley group of Muslims; Men and women; very religious men with nice looking beards on one side, to women who did not wear hijab. We were all wearing white or light colored cloth.

On our left were the so called “secular” protestors who were marching to the palace. Egypt-protests-007On our right were the so called “Islamists” who were marching to protect the palace. We immediately stood in the middle and formed a barricade wall between both groups. We were not many and the line was only one person deep. Nevertheless, we formed the line between these two groups. As the two groups descended upon us we shouted
“We are all Muslims”; “Hit us and leave the other side alone”, and other chants along those lines.

We did get beaten by some perverted men on both sides. However, we kept the line rigid and refused to allow the two sides to mix and fight each other. In the end both sides withdrew and left us in the center of the square all alone.

The dream ends with us setting up camp and discussing what we found in the square, including the palace key, which we believed the protesters had with them to storm the palace. This reminded us about the time of Uthman, where his house was surrounded by a hostile group that eventually entered and killed him. We remembered all the strife that happened and how the Islamic nation had its first civil war due to this event. We decided that we will never let that happen.
This dream left me with more questions than answers:

Where is the third camp of Egyptians? Who will stand up to the excesses of both sides ? Who will rise up to protect each side from each other and help change the atmosphere in Egypt from one of strife to one of dialogue?

We have reached a dangerous place were both sides consider each other as evil and must be dealt with. How do we expect them to have dialogue with each other?
The reason I used the word so-called secularist and islamists earlier, is because for the most part they are all Muslims and they all care about Egypt.

I am not Egyptian or in Egypt and I cannot do anything to affect change. However, I hope by writing about this, maybe I can raise awareness of those who do and can have an impact directly in Egypt.

Muslims are going to take over America, or is it ???

Lowes recently removed their ads from “All-American Muslim” on the TLC show and received a series of comments congratulating them and encouraging them on their act.

One of the comments (obtained from this website ) stated the following :

” BY THE WAY… for all those saying that we should just TOLERATE the Muslims and let them live their own lives… I might agree if they did not care about influencing how our COUNTRY works !! Yet Sharia Law is what they want. What does it say about our COUNTRY when our present-day politicians debase themselves to begging for Muslim votes at elections and later try to arrange political swindles with …”

Does the commenter not realize the irony of his own words? While he tries to condemn Muslims for trying to change the country and for the politicians trying to get the so called Muslim vote he forgets that the strongest lobby in Washington is the Jewish lobby. Every president wannabe must now go to pilgrimage to Israel and declare his support for Israel even at the expense of America. Does he not see the irony in this all? This reminds of the story of a loyal man who went out to defend his town against an often talked about but never seen monster in the forest and while valiantly defending his home from this monster his whole house gets robbed.

This is sadly what is happening to America, while we strongly warned against the monster of Islam/Muslims and warned against terrorism the wealth of the USA gets pocketed by corporations, it policies get set by foreign nations and it slowly getting ransacked in a much more thorough manner than Rome was ever ransacked.

I really hope that God will continue to protect America from all those who are trying to destroy it and wake the populace up before it too late. What makes America great is that it is the land of freedom and justice, but sadly these rights are rapidly disappearing under the guise of security and terrorism.


Update 12/15/11 : I hope I did not make it sound like all corporations are bad and they are the bad guys. I do not believe that at all, however, I strongly believe that some corporation are exerting undue influence on our economic and political systems and abetting the current situation.

The purpose of the article is to point out the irony in the attitude people have about Muslims, which is why I used very large brushes when comparing it the actual circumstances

Quilt of Humanity – Picture of the Egyptian Protest Movement

I love this picture. I found it in Al-Jazeera English and they own this picture

To me this picture represents humanity, who by working and supporting each other can accomplish impossible deeds. This fact that this was taken while all were praying is extremely symbolic to me as it signifies that Islam can and should act as a unifying element amongst people and should never be accepted as a tool for division. Finally seeing the Egyptian flag in the middle, represents gives me hope that the focus is upon improving the nation as a whole, by the people for the people, and not just helping a few. In the quote area, I placed a quote that describes my fears and hopes for Egypt very well.

What Happened to last week? Plus my hope for Egypt

Many are wondering, why did Salah not publish last week? Didn’t he say he will publish last week, what happened? Did he fall into a well?

No, I did not fall into a well. What happened was pure and simple; I experienced a terrible case of writers block. Usually I write my posts based on what is currently running in my head. It could be food thoughts or thoughts for food, it call be about the most mundane or life shattering (to me at least) concept. At the end of the day, I usually publish whatever is on my mind that instance regardless of what I was thinking or planning to write yesterday. Last week was an exception. A dear friend of mine told me you better write about Egypt and I mistakenly said okay I will. Immediately the writer’s block kicked in. Should I write about how I feel about the protests or the government, should I write about my fears or dreams, should I write about what going on in the news or how the news is being analyzed. You see the hint, I basically got paralyzed with all these half developed ideas and I ended up not being to be able to write anything!!!

So I made a promise to myself never to promise to write any article. What comes, comes I guess.

With regards to Egypt, I am so proud of the protestors. Living in the western world one has no idea how much each of these protestors had to sacrifice to come and protest. My God bless them and increase their patience and resolve. At the same time there is a deep sense of fear in me that the protest will fail to change the situation in Egypt. While I am confident that Mubarak will leave, I am afraid that they are currently trying to build a system to get Suleiman or other USA/Israel approved candidate to fill this top job. Seeing the USA meddle in Egypt is making me even more suspicious. I honestly do not trust the words of the US government because I know the only thing they care about is a stable country that can protect their interests and Israel interests as well. They do not care about democracies or want the people want (unless it also happens to be what they want)

In conclusion I am extremely hopeful, yet fearful for Egypt sake. On that note, I want to make a special request for all my friends on this blog. I know most of you are not capable of participating directly in supporting the Egyptian people and even more do not believe in the purpose or concept of demonstrations; or are just too lazy. However, I must ask that each one of you to take time of your day and pray for the people of Egypt. Pray that God raises the cloak of tyranny off the backs of the Egyptians and that he gives them their freedom and prosperity that every nation in this earth deserves. Pray that God will make the next few weeks and month an easy transition for the people of Egypt and well worth it. Pray that this sense of revolution and demand for freedom strikes the hearts of every Egyptian soul and that they are all given the strength to get out and demonstrate for their God given rights. Pray that the future new governments of Egypt will not be another tyranny and pray that the USA and other countries will try not to wipe out this new government due to different foreign and domestic policy.

To Choose or not to choose

  Once upon a time I thought the idea of establishing a nation was gaining the freedom of choice, the freedom to determine your own future, but it seems like I am just living in a fairy tale.

Below is a snippet from an actual converstation between Livni (former Prime Minister of Israel) and Erekat (Chief PLO negotiator). Please share with me what you think, let just say I am in shock!!


Erekat: Do I have a choice of who to place on my territory?

Livni: No.

Erekat: I have a conceptual framework – short of your jet fighters in my sky and your army on my territory, can I choose where I secure external defence?

Livni: No. In order to create your state you have to agree in advance with Israel – you choose not to have the right of choice afterwards. These are the basic pillars.


 I am not going to even comment on it, it is just too self evident. This conversation was obtained from Al-Jazeera English from the following article  where you strongly urge you to go and read the article to see how these negotiations are really taking place !!!


I am tired about this so called “negotiations” that we do with those who oppose us. example, last week Iran said that they were willing to send out most of their enriched uranium in return for getting back medical isotopes in 5-6 month. The west balked, because the offer we extended to Iran was to send medical isotopes after one year.  When the west balked at Iran, Iran went to continue to enrich uranium to spite the west. This really frustrates me, does anyone know the meaning of Negotiations ?

According to Wiki, negotiations is defined as “Negotiation is a dialogue intended to resolve disputes, to produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain for individual or collective advantage, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests. It is the primary method of alternative dispute resolution.”

Where is the dialogue with Iran? there is none. The west discussed among themselves what the most reasonable offer they can give, offered it to Iran with almost no discussion on what the Iranians want (we did have a slight breakthrough in October, but we closed the window very quickly). This is no way to resolve an issue. Let me make my case clear, I am not siding with any country, I am just frustrated at the so called “Negotiations” that are forced and coerced. This is not negotiations, and sadly, the west is losing it capacity to make these demands.

Lets take a quick look at Hamas case. The Quartet demanded that Hamas renounces violence, recognize Israel and accept all past peace agreements including the roadmap before they can even hold a dialogue.  Before at Hamas’s response, think about these demands. These demands are for Hamas to be able to participate in negotiations or dialogue for peace. By ascending to all these demands, what the point of negotiations? It is like me inviting you to an all you can eat buffet, but only after you accept to eat only spicy chicken. What the point of dialogue or negotiations if it was forced and coerced. Hamas tried to take positive steps by announcing a cease-fire with Israel and state they want only a nation within the 1967 borders. This statement implicitly accepts two of Quartet demands, but that was not enough for the Quartet and this miserable situation, that could have been easily avoided if the west was willing to listen and hold dialogue, continues.

The sad point is that it now considered weak if we negotiate with other side, or if we reach a compromise.  Look at the Democrats and Republicans and one can clearly see this trend. They act as thou they are completely opposed to each other and each one is on different sides of the river. However, when you look more deeply about what each one is, you will realize there is very slight difference between the two parties. (Some people will shoot me here, however, I do believe that the parties are the two sides of the same coin).

The end results of all this, is that we never reach solutions or compromises that help both parties and instead either one benefits from the other, or in the most likely scenario no one benefits and all suffer.

Remembering Gaza

It is two AM in the morning and while posting this article now means it will be filled with mistakes,  I cannot forget my terrible walk home in the freezing conditions. I write this letter to the citizens in Gaza with the hope that I and others will not forget their suffering and that somehow we can all help assuage their suffering.

To My Dear Brothers in Gaza

Today we had a winter storm in Indiana, USA. It got so cold that my bike, which is my primary form of transportation, froze to the ground and the lock froze as well. This meant that instead of riding for 5min to reach my apartment, I had to walk for about 20 minutes in freezing weather. As I slowly walked home, I felt as if limb by limb slowly froze and the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that once I reached home I will have a nice cozy warm apartment to welcome me. It was then as I was thinking of my apartment that I remembered your plight. Winter will soon be reaching Gaza (if not already) and while I have a warm home to go to during these freezing nights. Many Gaza citizens will have nothing but tents, rubble, or homes pocketed with so many holes that they serve no better protection than sleeping under the stars.

I know that I have never experienced what you have to survive on a daily basis. Nor will I even be able to contemplate what you all have gone through. I make sincere du’aa to Allah that may you all be rewarded in heavens so much for what you have gone through that you will feel that all the suffering you went through was pitiful or insignificant.

I try to remember you in my prayers and thoughts. I try to inform my friends, colleagues, advisers and teachers of your suffering. However, I know that I am not doing enough and I feel so helpless and unsure of how I can help you attain your rights given to you by God for freedom, security, love, hope and future. In the same sense, I know that everything is up to God and that he has not forsaken you and I just wish I could make a difference.


Your Muslim Brother in America

Should We Abolish Congress

 Yes, it sounds very controversial and very radical.  Regardless of your opinion it is a fair question to ask. The concept of representation and the republic came about due to the fact that people could not voice their opinions directly (for example not everyone could go to Washington, DC). In this day and age people can represent themselves directly and easily by utilizing computers and internet. This process can even be streamlined and real-time based (instead of voting once every 2 years).

 Switzerland actually applies the concept of people directly voting for laws by allowing people to vote directly on referendums for policies four times a year.

 This two parts to this discussion, do we trust congress to represent us and do we trust people and should they vote equally. Amid all the issues with the bailouts, healthcare and so on, do we really still believe that congress represents the people. For example the Audit the Fed bill, has the support of more than 3/4 of the American citizens, yet it is still being debated, changed and ignored in congress. Wouldn’t it be better if people are allowed to vote directly on each policy? Something tells me that a lot of bills that got passed the last of few years would never have been considered. There is another side to argue this and that is the representatives know the state of the country more than us and are more educated on this subject and thus better able to vote on this issue than a regular citizen. However, as you think about it do not forget to consider that lobbyist and money where the teachers for most representatives.

 The second question we should be considering is if people voted directly, should they all have the same vote. Or should more responsible/knowledgeable people have more voting rights than the rest? If you were in the hospital due to a serious but unknown disease, would you like to have the best doctors around analyze your conditions and give a prognosis or would you like for every person on that floor to give an opinion on your disease and then vote for what they expect it is. This is a sharp contrast compared to voting on issues, but I raise this question because we have always been taught that everyone gets equal votes and does this scenario always hold?

 So please comment and vote, should we abolish congress or limit its control and let people vote directly for laws? I hope to start a lively discussion on this hypothetical scenario.


I do not believe we should abolish or remove congress. However, I want to lead a debate on the status quo especially on our systems and structures for government,education and economy.

Too many times we follow the status quo without realizing that sometimes it is hurting ourselves, our communities and our nation.

The Great Wall of Palestine

Palestine means a lot to me, probably because it is an unjust situation that is either ignored or misreported…

Saperation Wall

Saperation Wall

This is a quick ideas post.  Each person who really cares about the Palestinian situation should build a big wall that is as tall as the so called “security barrier” that the isrealies are building. It must look the same and must have the barb wire on top.

One the wall, one should put slogans  such as

“Imagine this wall seperates you from your land/work”

“Imagine if going to work depended on whether a police department said it was okay to”

“How would it feel if this wall blocked you whole city”

etc… I am sure you can figure out better slogans, but the idea here is to raise support for Palestine and give people an idea of what is actually going on in Palestine

Here is a good link about the Saperation Wall

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